Friday, 4 July 2008

Unpacking & Looking Around Again

I can leave my luggage in Relto now, though. The backpack is killing me, it's so heavy! Still, because I can now go home and return here whenever I wish, the need for luggage is irrelevant. I just wish I could get back what I'd left in the old Relto. I miss my green jumper but thankfully I was wearing the blue one when I was linked home back in April.

Perhaps I should learn from past mistakes and not actually leave anything in Relto.

Ae'gura and Bevin are empty. There is no-one else here.

I travelled to Bevin using the book available on my Relto shelf. All the linking books in the book room have gone and the Private Rooms are locked.

Perhaps, fearful of encountering the DRC, other explorers are keeping their distance from the public Ages. Perhaps they prefer to keep to their own private instances of Ages...

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