Saturday 5 July 2008

Eder Gira & Eder Kemo

I have linked to Eder Gira. Night has fallen and the cold would have been unbearable had I not been wearing my usual woolly jumper.

The steam vents are around to keep me warm and the lava pit is also a good source of heat so I certainly wouldn't freeze here.

After collecting two Journey Cloths and making the bridge with the fishing basket, I have linked to Eder Kemo and remembered it to be a completely different place in comparison. The breeze keeps the Age cool in the gentle, summer wind. The short but frequent rain storms help keep everything alive, not giving the sun time to burn the plants.

It's certainly very beautiful here. I'd almost forgotten. This really is such a fantastic place to bring a small picnic and a book, set myself up in the overhanging fronds or the gazebo-like shelter and just relax.

Anyway, that's for later. Right now, I have to collect some flies to take back to Eder Gira to illuminate the caverns.

I brought the fireflies back to Relto with me. I do so enjoy watching them fly around the island, again and again.

I'd best press on and find them some plants, perhaps a large tree?

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