Thursday 10 July 2008

Breakfast in Eder Kemo

I opened the door in Eder Kemo yesterday. Upon being linked to the Bahro cave in the stars, I immediately started recording the speech given by Yeesha. It will be useful later.

Relto is beginning to come alive again. The newly moved in fireflies are prancing around and things are beginning to grow again.

I slept in the hut here on Relto last night. My new sleeping bag was certainly enough to keep me warm but I wouldn't like to be doing this on a regular basis - yet!

The two Ages of Eder Gira and Eder Kemo are now on my bookshelf so I can visit whenever I feel the need.

The water in Gira is quite warm, probably due to all the geothermic activity. This makes the waterfalls a nice place to have a wash. Unfortunately, the pools aren't deep enough to go swimming in but there are other places I can do that.

Breakfast consisted of a small picnic in Eder Kemo before returning home for a few days. I will come back in a week or so and I might try taking a trip to Gahreesen in my next visit.

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