Saturday 19 July 2008

Gahreesen & the KI

Now that I have time once again to visit here, I noticed today that I haven't been to retrieve my KI so I decided to journey to Gahreesen.

Gahreesen is a favourite Age for me. I'm always awestruck by the size, complexity and beauty of the engineering there.

The low rumble in the linking chamber is a welcoming sound indeed. It is strange to hear after so long, and with the distant bird-song above too. Marvellous!

The KI machine is not far...

Strange, the KI has somehow restricted itself to two functions: an Imager and Great Zero coordinate tracking. The KI-mail and In-Cavern Network functions appear to have been disabled. Have the DRC been in to check the machine? Or have they done something to the Great Zero? Perhaps the KI dispenser has developed a fault or maybe the DRC have made this restriction to stop explorers communicating with one another? Who knows...

I can check that out later. Anyway, with the communication component disabled, it shouldn't be possible to track the KI's that are in use. That's a good thing as we explorers are really not meant to be here...

I linked to a balcony in Ae'gura from a Bahro stone in Gahreesen.

It is quiet.

Usually, other explorers can be seen going about their business but now, the place is empty. I didn't even see the blue, radar-like sweep of the Great Zero. This leads me to think that the DRC have shut it down while the cavern is closed.

Wary of being in a public area, I linked back to Relto to continue my explorations of Gahreesen.

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