Thursday 3 July 2008

Arrival & a Successful Link

I arrived at the cleft and immediately started running around pressing the Journey Cloths.

Zandi was there, as always, and looked to be quite absorbed in his book so I left him to it - I didn't see any need to disturb him. I wonder if he ever worries about the fact that his trailer is playing host to a Journey Cloth?

One of the Cloths had moved. When I descended into the Cleft, it was there on the wall to greet me. Maybe the Bahro had put it there to give returning explorers a quick start? New Explorers maybe were getting it as a preview? A 'demo' of what was to come?

Anyway, it didn't stay there. After I had activated the Holo-Imager and closed the door, the cloth was moved back to its proper place. I still can't figure out which one had been moved.

Upon descending into the tree, the Bahro seemed to be screaming more than they usually do. It was rather disturbing, almost like I wasn't as welcome as I had thought I would be.

I hurriedly picked up the Relto linking book, clipped it to my side and linked there.

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