Tuesday 17 February 2009

Worlds of Wordcraft

I've been somewhat despondent recently. A lack of access to my Relto book (it's still in a box somewhere) and an inability to even find the energy to look for it after work makes for a dull and uninteresting evening.

I miss the rolling thunder and howling mists of Ahnonay; I want to sit out at the edge of the path in Gahreesen and watch the world go by; I want to have a picnic in Eder Kemo; I want to relax in the cool night of Minkata.

Mostly though, I want to take a slow walk through the forest of Kadish Tolesa and gaze out over the vast vista.

Perhaps followed simply by sitting or lying back in the quiet stillness of Relto.

I long for the return of Uru, the deep city, for a time when it is possible to go back down into the deep city and run around perhaps going where we haven't been and opening doors to see what other things can be found about the D'ni.

I long for the chance to once again run along the walkways and meet other people there.

It has been quiet for too long...

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