Monday 25 February 2008

Rushing Around & Catching Up

I've been rather busy of late.

What little time I've had to go down into the caverns, I have been running around furiously trying to bring everything back to my Relto that should be there.

I have scrambled through Teledahn, Eder Gira and Eder Kemo far too quickly for my liking and not really taken the time to sit back and enjoy the views.

Shroomie put in an appearance which surprised me - I still had the machinery running and she was much closer than she had ever been before. By the time I had finished rummaging around in my backpack for the digital camera/video camera, she'd gone again.

I've been trying to find all the Relto pages again and have not missed one yet. This has surprised me as some of them do come and go. Bahro stones as well!

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