Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Breaking into Bevin

I just found some old snaps of Bevin from around 2003.

I remember at the time that we couldn't officialy explore the area yet the sneaky Bahro had allowed access to a balcony. I remember sneaking a rope into Relto and using it to climb down and explore before the DRC were letting us in officially.

See what you think of these pics:

Barriers blocking access to the balcony area and auditorium.

The ayhoheek table is missing. Did the DRC remove it to study it before they brought it back?

The private chambers are initially unlocked.

The classroom shows where to get a working KI.

The light switches don't work.

As mentioned previously, the private chambers are unlocked and show the blue egg/seed.
Later, the private chambers in Bevin would show a ludicrously painted egg.
Had it originally been unlocked around Easter?

There is no welcome board here yet.

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